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Kyla Houbolt — "I don't read many blogs or newsletters but Ashok Karra's "Encouragement" is one I read most days and miss if it doesn't show. Each post has introductory "shorts" in addition to the main topic, which are always intriguing. One thing I really enjoy is the exploration of poems from a perspective of philosophical inquiry. Ashok has treated a few of my poems this way and while I never write them to explicate ideas, I am delighted when they do that for a reader, and when a reader is able to share those thoughts skillfully, it's a real treat. I definitely recommend this newsletter."

Ariana B. (excerpted from Facebook) — "...an amazing writer with great insights and contributions towards poetry & philosophy commentary, whom always manages to make you THINK about what is being presented and highlighted, and always (but always) brings to the surface a contemporary view very relevant to today's people (be you american or not!)."

Athenian Stranger